Microsoft office was indeed a groundbreaking invention. Through the last few decades there were some very substantial updates in Microsoft office with new features being introduced in it each time. The latest Office setup that is available for the users to use today is the Office 2019. This can be downloaded easily through the office.com/setup link. There are eight variants in the latest version of Microsoft office namely Enterprise, Microsoft Office Ultimate, Professional Plus, Professional, Home and Student, Small Business, Office 365.


What is the subscription cost of Microsoft Office?

The latest edition of the application of Microsoft application is on office.com/setup. There is a new variant introduced every three years which comes with an interface that is upgraded. It also has new functions and capabilities and a hassle that is needed in order to update most of the systems. However Microsoft has made a major shift in their true and tried formula. There is an amazing deal given to its monthly subscribers in order to proceed to the pricing model.

Here is the best way in which you can purchase Office. Go through the pricing model to get a better idea. Office 365 Home costs you $99.99 yearly or it comes to $9.99 per month, Office Professional 2019 is $439.99, Office Home & Student 2019 is $149.99 annually or $14.99 per month and the Office 365 Personal is $69.99 annual or $6.99 per month.


You can buy the Microsoft office without paying a subscription

You will wind up paying around $60 more if you opt to go for a monthly subscription. This is the case in the period of subscription of office at office.com/setup. The only advantage that you seek when you opt for the subscription model is that it lets you to install the office application on more than one system at the same time. However it may not necessarily be worth paying this premium amount of the subscription.

You may update your office with the Microsoft update at support.office.com/setup.

There are security and quality upgrades that are released by Microsoft for the setup of Office 2019 which is the Click-To-Run (C2R) Setup. This can be done through the office.com/setup that is C2R exclusively. These upgrades get released once in every month and it is generally out on the second Tuesday of every month.


For office, setup go to office.com/setup

  • You can create a new account in Microsoft or you may sign in


  • Find the office product key

  • Enter your Microsoft office product key


  • Select the language and your country


  • Download the office setup and now you need to follow the instructions that are on-screen. Once the installation process is finished all that you need to do is to run the application

Here is how you should install the Office setup on your Windows office.com/setup

  • Go to the office.com/setup to setup the office
  • For this you will first have to open the browser and visit the office.com/setup or office.com/setup and here you will have to select the office product that you wish to install.
  • Sign into the Microsoft office account
  • At office.com/setup or at microsoft365.com/setup you can sign in and complete the purchase and setup your office. If you do not have a Microsoft account then you will have to create it first.
  • Find the office product key – You will not have to search for the Product key of your Microsoft Office in your email that your office is associated with. You can also search for it on box that you can purchase in the retail store.
  • Enter the product key of Microsoft office – Once you log into the account or have created a new one then there is an orange area where you will have to enter the product key. Select the country and your choice of language.
  • Download and now you can install office – Once your correct information is entered you will now have to start to download the software. All that you need to do is to follow the directions on screen and start to download the registered copy of Microsoft office.
  • Run your activation wizard – Once you have run the office installer you will have to go through all the instructions on-screen that you can see on the screen. Now just wait to see how the office setup goes through the entire process of installation.
  • Open your office application and run it- As soon as you finish the installation you can now open any of the office apps and you will be able to see the welcome screen. ”You are all set” is displayed and this means that your office is set

Here is how you can install the Office setup on your MAC

  • All that you have to do is to log into the Office 365account and here you will be redirected to the page for downloading.
  • If you are not redirected to the download page automatically then you can go to the setting tab and then pick up the software for download
  • Under the install button you will have to select the button that starts to download the installer package
  • Now when you go the download section you will be able to find the package for installer which will be under the name Office installaer.dmg. It could also be some variation of this name. Once you double click on it then you can launch the setup. If you are not able to open the Office setup then you will have to go to the support forum in office.
  • When you see the first office screen then you should select continue and then run the process of office installation and then sign into it without your office subscription.
  • Choose the way in which you want to install the setup and then you can go ahead and continue

How to activate the office setup

  • After you have activated the setup you will have to go to the Launchpad icon that is seen in the dock. Here you will see all the Microsoft office apps. You will have to click on the Word icon which is seen in the Launchpad.
  • You will see a window pop up that says that it is new on word. There will be a blue button that you have to select which will start Get Started and this starts our process of activation.
  • Enter the email address that you have used on Office and then your password and then you can sign in.
  • The system checks if the details that you have entered is valid. This helps to activate and to install the product.
  • Now all your applications are activated successfully.

Uninstall the office from your windows

  • Once you log in to the PC you will have to go to the Control Panel
  • Here you can find, add or remove the program from the control panel
  • You will find all the programs that you have installed on your system
  • Locate the office click and here you can find the choices that let you to uninstall and to repair
  • Select the uninstall setup and now you only have to wait till the uninstallation process is complete.
  • The last systems ask you to restart the computer
  • You will now be able to reinstall or to install the system
  • You will be able to reinstall or to install the Microsoft office setup on office.com/setup on the system at anytime

How can you uninstall the office from your MAC?

  • Open the office folder when you go to the app folder
  • Double click on ‘office installer”
  • In the office product window, you will have to select the box that is close to office application that has to be uninstalled
  • Then click on uninstall

Where should you enter the Office product key?

You need to keep a note of your account details so that you will be able to install or reinstall the office suite when you wish to. That is without using a key. If you are asked to enter the product key then you should enter it without a hyphen. If you do not have any account with Microsoft then you will always be able to create one. Users can load some of the features for a free trial from the website and then you will be able to buy it online on office.com/setup.

How can office be upgraded?

To upgrade office there are two things that you can do. One process is for a one time purchase and the other is for Microsoft 365. If you have Microsoft 365 installed then you will not have to upgrade your Microsoft because you already have its current version and you will be able to receive the updates at no additional cost.

However if you are using the one time purchase then you will be able to upgrade it to any product depending on what the requirement is.

How to renew the office 365 subscription

Select the subscription that you wish to buy and then you can renew by paying for a full year or choose a monthly subscription.

  • Turning off the recurring bill in office

Visit the www.office.com/setup and go to the services and subscription page. Here you will find MS Office 365 subscription and you will have to choose to Manage to turn off the link to the recurring bill

Change the way in which you pay the subscription
  • If you have a recurring bill plan then can change the way you pay unless there is due payment.
  • Use Microsoft account to sign into services and subscriptions
  • Select manage and then change and how you pay
  • This gives you a list of payment options
  • Add a new way in which you can pay and follow the instruction laid down

Microsoft 365

Office 365 became Microsoft 365 on April 21 and this features that can be downloaded from office.com/setup or microsoft365.com/setup.

What is new with Microsoft 365?

  • A major expansion to Microsoft editor
  • AI powered features
  • New types of date
  • Microsoft safety features

The major difference between Microsoft 365 and Office 2019 is that Microsoft 365 is a subscription feature service and an office 2019 is a single time purchase.

Disclaimer – This website is not Microsoft so do not contact for any technical support or help.